Shawn Levy is reportedly directing Deadpool 3 and he’s already teasing what’s going to happen in the film — like the fact that Mark Ruffalo might appear as the Hulk in the movie. So how does Deadpool jump from the Fox X-Men movies? And how will he wind up teaming up with (or fighting with) the Incredible Hulk?

In our latest Marvel video, we examine the Merc With a Mouth’s journey to the MCU, and look at how the events of Deadpool 2 actually set up Deadpool 3. We break down how time travel worked in the X-Men movies and how it works in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how both explain the way in which Ryan Reynolds mutant hero will make the jump into Marvel’s Sacred Timeline. Plus, will Deadpool still break the fourth wall in his Marvel movies? Will Vanessa return for Deadpool 3? Check out the answers below:

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