If any superhero movie is going to take a joke a little too far, you can count on Deadpool to be the guy behind it. Ryan Reynolds’ Merc With a Mouth won’t hesitate to hurl quippy insults and spew profanities, but according to one rumor, one joke in a Deadpool 2 post-credits scene was too controversial to remain in the final movie.

The sequel is already being talked about for the post-credit scenes that did make it in the film, and based on critic reactions, they sound pretty darn epic. (We’ve seen the movie and will have the full details for you later this week.) But a new report from MCU Cosmic (h/t Games Radar) reveals a fifth possible post-credits scene involving a baby Hitler was originally in the script, but was cut from the final film. Based on the description, it’s not hard to see why.

According to the site, the scene reportedly involved Reynolds’ Deadpool inside a baby ward, deciding whether or not to kill infant Hitler. Here’s their description:

Deadpool in a newborn ward. Standing next to a crib with a name tag that says “A Hilter”. He goes back and forth on doing it. A baby cries and he says, “Shut up Ira, you’ll thank me someday!” Finally he goes for it, then baby Hitler’s POV as Dreadpool [sic] strangles him.

Now this could be total nonsense, but it also doesn’t sound like a stretch considering Deadpool’s style of humor. The site claims the scene was cut due to reactions from test screenings, and it’s certainly something that would read as too dark or controversial to keep in. Cutting it may have been Fox’s best decision though, since the four other post-credit scenes are attracting enough positive attention. Stay tuned for our full review and details on the post-credits scenes coming this week. Deadpool 2 hits theaters Friday, May 18.

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