David Bowie's final resting place will be in Bali. Certain details of the rock legend's will were released after it was filed in a New York court yesterday (Jan. 29).

The BBC notes that, according to the will, Bowie's estate was valued at $100 million. Iman, his wife, is to receive half of that, while 25 percent goes to each of his two children, Duncan and Alexandria Jones. Alexandria is also bequeathed a house in upstate New York. His personal assistant, Corrine Schwab, gets $2 million and a former nanny, Marion Skene, receives $1 million.

Bowie had requested in his will, which was written in 2004, that he be cremated in Bali. However, if it was "not practical," then he wanted the ashes scattered on the Indonesian island "in accordance with Buddhist rituals." The death certificate that was filed with the will noted he was cremated on Jan. 12, two days after he died at the age of 69.

The article notes that Buddhist rituals regarding cremation vary -- and even then are subject to the wishes of the deceased -- but the ashes may be interred, buried or scattered at sea, and monks may be invited to chant at the ceremony. It is not known which path Bowie chose -- or even if the ceremony has taken place yet -- but he had requested in the will that no family or friends be present at the ceremony.

Perhaps surprisingly, the will said that his legal name was still David Robert Jones. Although he had been known as David Bowie in the last 50 years of his life, he had never had it officially changed.

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