So which sports team came out as the most valuable this year according to Sportico?

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the most valuable sports team across all sports in the U.S. is the Dallas Cowboys, with a value of $7.64 billion. The New York Yankees are valued at $630 million, which is the most valuable in Major League Baseball.

The Yankees are way behind all 32 NFL teams, even the least valuable NFL franchise still comes in at $2.84 billion, which is the Cincinnati Bengals and they were runners-up in the Super Bowl last season.

The Top 5 NFL franchises are the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams at $5.91 billion, New England Patriots at $5.88 billion, New York Giants at $5.73 billion, and San Francisco 49ers at $5.18 billion.

Being the most valuable team does not mean on-field success, though, the most successful teams of the past several years are all in the bottom 20 of the most valuable NFL franchises.

Take, for example as previously stated, the Cincinnati Bengals are the least valuable NFL franchise but still made it to the Super Bowl last season, the Buffalo Bills have made the playoffs in four of the last five years and they are the 29th most valuable NFL franchise at $2.99 billion.

Also in the bottom 20 are the Kansas City Chiefs ($3.54 billion) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($3.28 billion) who were the previous two Super Bowl champions.

As the NFL season gets ready to start next month, we will see if the performance on the field will translate to making some of those teams a better value within the NFL next year.



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