Reports of Troy Aikman leaving Fox Sports after two decades at Fox Sports looks to be true and more reports tell where he might land.

According to The Spun, Troy Aikman was reported to be going to Amazon which has just picked up Thursday Night Football, but not so fast, looks like Monday Night Football and ESPN will be getting one of the top color analysts in NFL broadcasting.

Monday Night Football has been looking for a top talent to get in the booth since Jon Gruden left to become the head coach of the Raiders.

Aikman has been an analyst for Fox Sports since retiring from the Dallas Cowboys two decades ago. He and Joe Buck have been one of the longest-tenured broadcasting pairs in football but there are no reports that Joe Buck is looking to leave Fox Sports so the top football broadcasting pair could be split up before next season kicks off.

This would be a huge move for both Aikman and ESPN which is looking to boost its coverage of Monday Night Football.

Reports are that for Aikman to leave, he will have to get a deal comparable or more than another former Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, who recently inked a 10-year $180 million contract with CBS.

There is no word on what will happen to the Monday Night Football team that has been in place for the past two seasons with Steve Levy doing play-by-play and Brian Griese and Louis Riddick sharing color commentary but it is figured there will be a new team on MNF come September.


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