Ladies have a difficult time at the gym dealing with guys who feel no compunction at staring at them. Women can have an awkward time trying to stretch or do yoga and other such activities if some guy is constantly checking them out.

And to be fair to the guys, sometimes it's difficult to not catch a glimpse of the girl in yoga pants. As males, we are naturally predisposed to visual elements. And a quick peek is often unavoidable. But there's a very definite line that is all too easy to cross. So fellows, let the above video serve as a cautionary tale.

The guy in this video isn't just sneaking a peek at the woman stretching in front of him. He's taking it all in. And the grunting? That's just obnoxious. If he's trying to impress this lady, he's failing miserably. All she's gonna notice are the loud, gross noises coming from behind her.

So what happens to this fellow who seems to be hypnotized by what's going on in front of him? He channels all that energy that's building up into pumping iron until the energy becomes too much. All that pressure has to go somewhere, and in this guy's case, his biceps suffer the horrible consequences. But it could have been worse. Just check out this public service announcement from the film 'Johnny Dangerously.'