Here's some news to put a damper on your Halloween.

Frank Galatolie, the man who created the candy Sour Patch Kids, died October 22 in Charleston, N.C. at the age of 74. It's unclear how he died.

His son broke the news on Facebook.

Galatolie came up with the candy, beloved (or reviled) for starting out sour and then turning sweet, for confectioner Jaret International back in the '70s when they were initially called Mars Men. In the '80s, they got a makeover when they forever became known as Sour Patch Kids.

A man who created a popular candy (and this one has a Facebook fan page) passing away right before the grandfather of all candy-related events is certainly ironic. It may not be the candy that's most identifiable with Halloween, but a sugary treat is a sugary treat, no matter how yucky you think they may be.

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