As we go about life like before the pandemic, yet another variant of COVID-19 is making its presence known in the Permian Basin, requiring you to get your next booster shot.

According to NewsWest 9, health officials in Midland/Odessa are urging everyone to get their next booster shot if they have not gotten it already.

“Our numbers are up here in Midland,” said Val Sparks, Infection Preventionist. “We are recommending those that are eligible to take their boosters as they become available.”

The CDC is saying that if you already had your primary doses of Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson series at least six months ago, you are eligible to get your booster shot now.

“So if you took Moderna, you can have Pfizer. If you took Pfizer, you can have Moderna, and they are recommending the mRNA, and if you took J & J, you can take Pfizer or Moderna also,” said Sparks.

“They’ve even approved them for children ages five and up, so if they had the initial pediatric dose, then they can take a booster as well," said Sparks.

So if you are 50 or older or have conditions that make you more susceptible to COVID-19, and it has been at least four months since your last booster, you can get your next booster shot.

“Those over 50 or who have a high risk for underlying conditions, then they would be eligible for fourth dose or a second booster as long as it’s been four months from their initial booster," said Sparks.

So the pandemic is not over; it is just getting less dangerous if you are fully boosted, so go get your next booster shot today.

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