Well after months of trying to avoid it, COVID-19 finally hit home at my house where I live with 3 other people.

My roommate lost his sense of taste and the next day we all went and got tested and all of us turned up positive.

That began a 10 day quarantine where we all had to stay masked up in the common areas and we had to eat meals in our own room while dealing with getting stuff sent to us from DoorDash and Favor.

Also we all had to remotely work from home until all of our holiday vacations started.

The working from home was not difficult but it is different not being able to have the normal big screen computers that I am accustomed to using and only being able to work on a tiny laptop screen. So that was a challenge.

The other challenge was not being set up to do my show from home because no one could come near me or the house with all of us positive for COVID-19, so we had to have a corporate guy cover my shift the time that I was gone.

10 days of seeing the same four walls does make one almost go crazy but I had shows I could watch and a multitude of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 shows from the 70's and 80's that I could calm myself with.

Casey Kasem was the main reason I got into radio sop listening to his old shows is a comfort for me. Some people have fine wine or comfort food but not me I have Casey Kasem and American Top 40.

Quarantine ended and now all is back to normal and now I am just waiting on the Covid-19 vaccine to get available.

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