The Hawaiian couple used the stolen identities of the two deceased Texas babies who died in the 60s to fake passports, DOD identities, and social security cards said Federal Prosecutors.

According to WFAA-TV, the identities of the babies were used for years and Walter Primrose and Gwynn Morrison thought they got away with it because they did for years.

The identities they stole were Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lyn Montague who both died in Texas as babies in the 1960s.

They stole the identities of the babies in 1987 after the couple's home in Nacogdoches was foreclosed by the bank to reinvent themselves.

They later moved to Kapolei, Hawaii and that is where they were caught on July 22. Federal agents seized photographs of the couple wearing KGB uniforms and they are now being investigated as Russian spies as well.

The father of Julie Lyn Montague, the baby girl who died in 1968, said it is painful for the family.

"I tell you what, I believe the world is full of crooks," John Montague said. "Why use somebody's name that's already passed away, and bring that back? Then the family finds out... you always want them to rest in peace."

Montague has two other daughters and a son, his daughter Tonda Ferguson said it was shocking to see her late sister's name in the news.

"To see a photo of a person who has your sister's name in, in a KGB uniform, it's just wow. Crazy," Ferguson said.

The complaint on file does not say how the two picked the identities, but it is known that identity thieves will sometimes go to cemeteries and find graves of people that are close to their age. The two babies are buried 14 miles apart in Marble Falls and Burnet.

The complaint also said the couple went to high school together in Port Lavaca, and also went to Stephen F. Austin University together.

Prosecutors say they will unveil more evidence they have acquired at a hearing on Thursday, August 4.

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