Last month, Cory Monteith, his girlfriend Lea Michele and a bunch of other 'Glee' cast members gathered in L.A. for a promotional photo shoot in anticipation of Season 5 of the FOX musical sitcom. However, in light of Monteith’s recent passing, we’re left wondering how the show will handle his death.

31-year-old Monteith played the role of Finn Hudson, the star quarterback of the high school football team. According to Deadline, the first two episodes of the upcoming season had already been written prior to the actor’s death, with production set to begin next week.

The show’s writers “will consider what to do about the first two episodes in which the return of Monteith’s character was to have played an important part,” wrote Deadline. “The return of Monteith's character, hunky high school football star turned glee club darling Finn Hudson, was much anticipated by fans, Monteith having been absent from the final episodes of last season to check himself into a drug treatment facility late last March."

In a recent statement issued by FOX, industry experts stated that "Monteith’s death will have a profound impact" on the series and will "pose significant creative challenges.” Daily News reports that Season 5 may not even air until November, which was originally scheduled to premiere on Sept. 11.

“He leaves a major hole in the heart of the show that will be challenging for the writers and producers to address,” said Scott Huver, a Hollywood entertainment and pop culture expert. “While the ‘Glee’ staff and especially series creator Ryan Murphy have never shied away from handling controversial, tragic or dark subject matter, translating Monteith’s loss into a ‘death of Finn’ storyline may simply prove to be too sad and all-consuming for the show, but glossing over his absence seems unrealistic."

He went on to say, "Whatever they decide, the writers will have to proceed very delicately lest dealing with the outcome overwhelm the show’s generally light, fun-loving tone.”

PopCrush readers, we’d love to hear what you think: How do you think the sitcom will handle the tragic loss of such a beloved actor on the show? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.