Let’s say you want to see Deadpool 2 later this week, but you haven’t kept up with every movie in the X-Men Universe so far. You maybe saw X-Men and X2, but then you skipped The Last Stand. And you gave up on Wolverine after X-Men Origins. Or you just saw Deadpool and none of the others. What are you going to do to get caught up by Friday?

(Okay so technically you don’t have to see any of the X-Men movies to understand Deadpool 2. You barely need to have seen Deadpool. Just play along.)

If you need a CliffsNotes-style catchup or a refresher, ScreenCrush is here to help. In the video above, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the X-Men movies, from X-Men all the way through Logan, in under 20 minutes. You’ll thrill at all the coolest special effects. You’ll scratch your head over the worst continuity holes. And you’ll enjoy desperately try to keep all the timelines and reboots straight. And then you’ll go see Deadpool 2.

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