There's no getting around it, 'All You Need is Kill' was an unwieldy title, and even with Tom Cruise starring in the film, the name could be seen as a turn-off. So it's no surprise that Warner Bros. -- who plans to launch the movie at Comic-Con 2013 -- have changed the title to 'Edge of Tomorrow' and have done so with a brand-new poster.

Here's that poster:

Warner Brothers

The film will be showcased during Warner Bros.' Hall H presentation on Saturday, even though the film isn't due out until June 6, 2014. That may mean a surprise visit from director Doug Liman, and/or cast members like Cruise and Emily Blunt (or perhaps even geek favorite Bill Paxton), though there's been no mention if a special guest or two will show up to present the footage.

As for the title change, 'All You Need is Kill' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and seems borderline pretentious. But it was also intriguing (and is better than being named after the protagonist), whereas 'Edge of Tomorrow' sounds like an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.' They went from bad to bland.

The premise of 'Edge of Tomorrow' is that Cruise's character dies in combat but is resurrected having gained skills and learned from his past mistakes. Titles are often the hardest part of writing, but if the film works -- whatever it's called -- the name won't really matter.