Nowadays, Colton Haynes is out and proud and engaged to the love of his life, but it was only a few short years ago that he was struggling to cope with anxiety that stemmed from being forced into the closet by his management.

The Arrow and Teen Wolf star told Andy Cohen during a Sirius XM radio chat that his team routinely tried to set him up with women to distract rabid fans from learning the truth about his sexuality.

“I was literally told from the day that I moved to Los Angeles that I could not be gay because I wouldn’t work," he said. "Then I was with my management team and a team of people that just literally told me I couldn’t be this way. They tried to set me up with girls. I was rumored to date Lauren Conrad for six months because they were kind of angling a story. And then I dated every other young person which of course I didn’t date.”

"They knew the whole time…It was like a Tab Hunter situation," he added.

Still, Haynes said he, himself, has been clear on his sexuality for years, and shared the story of losing his virginity — twice — when he was a young teen.

"I lost my virginity at 13 to a girl and a guy," he said, but added that the experiences were separate. "I've never said that before. The girl was two years older than me, and the guy was, I would say, around 16...It was a real first time. It was exciting."

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