The Star Wars sequels and Cobra Kai are both legacyquels; movies or television shows set years after their original texts that reintroduce beloved fan favorite heroes who then pass the torch to a new generation of characters that can carry the franchise (Star Wars or The Karate Kid, in these specific cases) into the future. But Star Wars fizzled out with the hugely disappointing The Rise of Skywalker, while Cobra Kai has become one of the most entertaining shows on television, with four seasons so far, and at least one more on the way in the years ahead.

What went wrong for Star Wars? What’s going right for Cobra Kai? When you get down to it, there’s really just one scene that makes all the difference between the two. In our latest “Scene Fights” video, we compare all the ways Cobra Kai and the recent Star Wars movies are similar (and there are a lot of ways) and one big way they’re different. Watch it below:

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Every Star Wars Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

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