Something about the zoo just feels so special. Kids & adults alike love seeing the unique animals on display & learning about their natural habitat. But how often do you actually get to NAME the animals? Recently the San Antonio Zoo recently had an addition of two baby two-fingered sloth pups (babies) & they're asking the public to help name them.

That got me thinking... what would I name them if they were my pets? If I was headed by the...Sloth Naming Council & as my civic duty of an animal lovers, I have a few names up for consideration:


If you've seen Zootopia, you know who Flash is. It's a very ironic name, hence why it's perfect for a sloth. Or maybe it's the most fitting name for a sloth.

Captain Slow

If you're the kind of person that likes to dress up your pets, maybe you can nickname a sloth after a superhero... Captain Slow! Here to fight the battle against cuteness and the battle of evil at the speed of...however fast it wants to go.

Cute face of young brown-throated sloth, Central America

Prissy Priscilla

As it turns out, sloths are very picky by nature. Not when it comes to eating but... what happens AFTER you eat. So why Prissy Priscilla? To be honest... I thought the name had a very nice ring to it. If it's a girl, Priscilla. If it's a boy, Perry.

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Sir Hangs A Lot:

I'm sure you know that sloths love to hang off of branches on trees

Two-toed sloth

A lot. I don't think I need to say more.

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Chewbaccus The First... or Chewy for short:

While sloths don't eat a lot during the day, when they DO eat, they look cute when they do. So why not come up with a cute name for them when they eat?


They're slow on land but when swimming, they can swim 3 times quicker while in the water. So I thought a nice water nickname would be fitting too.

and finally... Sid:

I love the movie Ice Age & it was the very first name that came to mind. If I had my own sloth, I'd be thrilling having my very own Sid the Sloth.

El Paso also encourages the public to name animals

I know the El Paso Zoo has something similar involving naming a cockroach after your exe for Valentine's Day, but I would personally love to see more stuff happen here in El Paso. Let's let people come up with some unique names for any baby animals in the future.

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