Midland mayor Patrick Payton sent a letter to the FAA to get approval for the Midland Airpark to move to Midland International Air & Space Port along with his plans to make the airpark more modern if the move is approved.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, mayor Payton sent the letter on March 1, 2021 asking guidance on moving the airpark stating that the hangars at the existing facility are well over 30 years old and if the move is approved that hangars and other facilities that would be built would be updated and more modern.

“Consolidating operations at Midland International will enable the city to focus on using these funds to maintain and improve the airfield infrastructure at our primary airport,” mayor Payton wrote in the letter. “Thus, these cost savings and efficiencies would be a substantial, ongoing benefit to the overall aviation community.”

Moving the airpark would also provide users with longer runways and an on-site air traffic control tower and provide better security, according to the mayor.

Moving the airpark would also open up a whole new area of development on Loop 250 and would also allow 'A' Street to be completed all the way through town.

“Midland has experienced substantial population growth during the past 10 years and the lack of sufficient close-in space has required residential and commercial development to move beyond our 250 Loop … commercial development and residential housing at the site would be far more consistent with the existing land uses in the surrounding area,” mayor Payton wrote.

City council members had no timeline as of yet for when the airpark would be moved if approved by the FAA.

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