With Midland being one of the cities to top the list of fastest growing areas, new apartments are needed in the Tall City.

According to NewsWest 9, J. Ross Lacy knows the city is experiencing a unique situation, "We're in a crunch with 5 to 6 percent growth every year, there's no other place in the country that can say that, and that's why Midland is the fastest growing city in America."

Lacy says plans are in place for the future, "Right now there are over 5,300 housing units 'in process,' that includes 4,300 apartment units and 1,000 housing units, and as we continue more are coming on the line."

The most recent approval from City Council is a 216 unit apartment complex on Tradewinds Blvd. agreed upon today (June 11, 2019).

It is the third complex approved along the new development along the Tradewinds Extension Project.

"I'm excited to see when Tradewinds boulevard is finally open and we've had a lot of delays because of the weather, but that's going to open up an entertainment corridor and a housing corridor that will address some of the needs that are community has," said Lacy.

No information was given on when construction will begin.

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