Families with children who have special needs like sensory sensitivity can now go to the movies as a family thanks to Cinergy.

According to NewsWest 9, most families eagerly await a new movie coming out so they can take the family to go see it, but for families with children that have sensory sensitivity, that is not an option.

So Superior Healthplan has teamed up with Cinergy to provide sensory-friendly movies here in the Permian Basin for families that have children with special needs.

"In our movies, the sound is gonna be a little bit lower, the lights may be a little bit brighter. Children maybe can’t sit for the entire movie so if they need to walk around or go up and down the aisles during the length of the movie then they're more than welcome to do that. Because that's the goal of a sensory friendly movie is to make sure the children are comfortable and the family can experience the movie together," said Andrea Cruce, Superior Healthplan Manager of Community Relations.

Cinergy in Midland, Odessa, and Amarillo will have these special sensory sensitive movies once a month on Saturday and the movies will be provided free of charge so the whole family can enjoy.

"The whole family gets to come. Mom and dad and they bring everyone. So it’s definitely not just for younger kids. The movies we do show are for children...I definitely don't think there's an age limit," said Cruce.

Sensory friendly movies are something these families can look forward to.

"That's just the main thing is us wanting to be inclusive, making sure that there are opportunities for families. That was our goal there is just making sure the family could come out and enjoy a movie together and be able to get those additional resources and the support that they need," said Cruce.

The next movie will be "The Addams Family 2" this Saturday at 9:30am and admission is free.


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