Do you have ChatGPT? Well it appears to be reallllly messed up, maybe even broken.   In the last few hours, the artificial intelligence tool used by many, has been sending users rambling responses of absolute gibberish.

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The artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT appears to be answering questions with long messages that make no sense at all, even talking Spanglish without prompting. It has scared many users by telling them that it is in the room with them!

Currently there is not a clear reason as to why the issue happened. But creators ChatGPT have said that they are aware of the problem and are watching the situation.

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As an example, a Reddit user was talking about their collection of jazz albums and which ones to listen to when ChatGPT answered, “Happy listening!” at the user and began talking nonsense and even started screaming!

Other ChatGPT users experienced the system inability to speak their designated language, some even found that it appeared to be mixing languages for example; Spanish words with English, even throwing in some Latin.  The most confusing is just plain gibberish?

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On the official ChatGPS page, OpenAI noted the issues, unfortunately they did not give any explanation of why it happened or when it might be repaired.

The site went on to say, “We are investigating reports of unexpected responses from ChatGPT,” not long after that, they posted  that the “issue has been identified” and they would continue to monitor the situation.  I certainly hope so, I have a paper to get spell checked! “

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