The Chainsmokers are just like the rest of us — it seems everyone is gushing with joy about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's baby news.

It's no shock that The Chainsmokers are big fans of RiRi. The band had initially tapped Rihanna to collaborate on their 2016 hit "Don't Let Me Down." Though Rihanna declined, making room for music fans to discover Daya, her decision hardly stopped the duo from being fans.

In an exclusive interview with PopCrush Nights host Lauryn Snapp, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart took a moment to "fanboy" about the baby news.

"Will you be sending Rihanna a baby gift?" Snapp asks the pair.

"If she gave me her address, I would!" Taggart replies, laughing. "We are such huge fans of them independently."

"As a couple, they could be like the king and queen, like Princess Diana or whatever," Taggart continues. "That's how much people love them, but they choose not to be that way — like so in the public eye. I think that is respectable. You know what I mean?"

Taggart adds that he's a "huge fan of both of them in every capacity, and this kid might be like the second coming of Jesus Christ. I don't know what kind of powers he is going to have, but they are going to be strong."

After a two-year hiatus, The Chainsmokers have our full attention as they gear up for their fourth album and, arguably, the most exciting chapter of their musical career.

The Chainsmokers' new single, "High," taps into the toxicity of modern relationships with lyrics that dig into the desperation to hold on to empty affections.

Watch The Chainsmokers' "High" Music Video:

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