There’s nothing quite as infuriating as being stuck in traffic. While we tend to just put on ’Clouds’ by One Direction and scream along to it dramatically in an attempt to get our frustrations out, comedian Lauren O’Brien found a far more productive — and hilarious -- way to spend that extra time: By doing impressions of various celebrities stuck in traffic. Why didn’t we think of that!?

From Miley Cyrus to Ellen DeGeneres, Lauren runs the gauntlet of celebrity impressions and she totally nails them all. Our favorite one might be her imitation of Kristen Stewart -- it's a few seconds of her with her hair covering her face as she scoffs at the camera, never actually saying anything. There's also her Taylor Swift impression, which is pretty much just her singing along to 'I Knew You Were Trouble' -- and we all know how much Taylor loves singing along to her own songs on the radio.

Check out the video above and let us know which are your favorites!