Cardi B revealed her candid thoughts about the Coronavirus.

The 27-year-old posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday (March 10) where she shared her fears and concerns. “Ya keep playing I’m deada-s F---IN SCARED. I’m stocking up on food," the rapper captioned the video.

"Government, let me tell y'all mother f--kers something," she exclaimed. "I don't know what the f--- this Coronavirus is about. I don't understand how this s--t was from Wuhan, China, now all of the sudden this s--t is on mother f---ing tour."

"And let me tell y'all something, I ain't even gonna front, a b--ch is scared," she admitted. "I'm a little scared. You know what I'm saying? Like, s--t got me panicking."

Cardi reminded everyone that people's "pocketbooks" are not immune to the virus. She then claimed that her followers' weaves and Fashion Nova purchases come from China, where the virus originated.

Watch the video, below.

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