Everyone has been wondering about the closing of the Bush's Chicken on 8th Street and the location on Grandview too.

According to CBS 7, Corey Bush is the son of the man who founded Bush's Chicken and he stated while some locations are closing, there are plans for new locations.

Corey Bush is the owner and operator now and he and his wife have moved to Odessa to take care of the Permian Basin locations that were run by his uncle until he passed away two years ago.

“We moved out to Odessa to revitalize this area, it’s kind of getting rundown, the Grandview location has been closed and sold to a convenience store, the Andrews location has been sold to a convenience store, said Corey Bush. My wife and I moved out here to re-up the brand. That’s what we’re looking forward to and it’s been fun, we love it here.”

Even though the two locations have been closed and sold, there are plans for new locations and the first one will be on 87th Street.

“We’re real excited about building the one over there on 87th street, we have a prototype store so it’s gonna be real great. As people learn we are still open, we are still in town, they’re gonna visit us. We just look forward to showing customers we have great service, great product and we look forward to serving everybody.”, Bush told CBS 7.

The locations that currently exist will be getting renovations to give the restaurants a more welcoming feel at a cost of $2 million.

Renovations should be done in about a year.

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