Former child star Bug Hall is drawing serious backlash online for his alleged recent comments about child abuse, the "marriage debt" and more.

The 37-year-old, who famously starred as lovable Alfalfa in 1994's The Little Rascals, as well as in 1995's The Big Green and 1997's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, has been permanently banned from Twitter following a string of controversial alleged tweets ranging from his views on his young daughters' duties to their future husbands in the bedroom to same-sex love.

In a number of alleged tweets from Dec. 3, Hall allegedly claimed it is his "duty" as a father to find "good husbands" for his daughters, as well as train them to follow his "judgment" regarding "mothers working" and the "marriage debt."

The marriage debt, or marital debt, is a religious belief that married men and women are obligated to have sexual intercourse with their spouse when their spouse demands it, as it is their sacred marital duty.

The belief and practice has been criticized for promoting marital rape.

In another alleged tweet, Hall revealed he believes in enforcing corporal punishment, i.e. physical punishment, on his children beginning at the age of 10 months, resulting in him being accused of "child abuse."

According to the CDC, a child who is 10 months old is considered an infant.

"We punish severely in my home for unacceptable behavior. Punishment begins at around 10 months. Before the age of reason it’s an immediate corporal/retributive justice," he allegedly wrote in a Dec. 3 tweet, a screenshot of which you can see below.

According to Scholastic, the "age of reason" in childhood begins roughly at age 7.

Hall also allegedly targeted the LGBTQIA+ community.

"There is no such thing as gay sex. Sodomites simulate sex, as their sodomitical acts are non-uninitive," he allegedly wrote in a since-removed tweet.

It's believed Hall was banned from Twitter after his homophobic tweet was mass-reported.

Hall confirmed his Twitter ban in an Instagram post published earlier this week, which revealed a screenshot showing the message he received from Twitter when his account was permanently suspended.

"The truth will always be unpopular. The truthful will always be persecuted. But eternity will always be sweet. 30K followers and 13 years on the birdapp comes to an end," Hall captioned the post.

Hall previously left Hollywood to raise his family on a farm in the Midwest, where they currently live under an oath of poverty. In 2020, he spoke candidly about the move in a YouTube video.

Hall identifies as a "Medieval moralist" and "Latin Rite Catholic," the latter of which he revealed in a comment on Instagram.

However, many on social media have referred to Hall as a "tradcath," which is defined as "a Catholic who seeks to change the religion back to the norms of before the Second Vatican Council."

When Roe v. Wade was overturned in June, Hall celebrated with several posts on Instagram.

"Next step, a national ban," he wrote, adding in a separate post, "Every conscience knows better. Not murdering babies isn't a 'religious opinion.' It's a human opinion."

Hall doubled down on his anti-choice stance in yet another Instagram post.

"I'm anti-abortion FULL STOP. There isn't one person who doesn't already know that murdering innocent children is wrong. And there isn't one person who doesn't actually believe that the thing growing in a mother's womb is a living human child. Not one person. All the arguments are a disingenuous attempt to justify promiscuity and selfishness. You won't get any quarter from me on this issue," he wrote.

Hall refers to himself as a "patriarch to [four] ladies" in his Instagram bio. He and his wife, Jill Marie Hall-Barnett, currently have three daughters together. They are expecting a fourth child this month.

In 2020, Hall was arrested after he was allegedly found "huffing" an air duster can near a dumpster.

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