Will BTS double down on their crossover success with a Shawn Mendes collab? It's likely.

When questioned whether a collab might be a foreseeable venture in the group's future and if he, himself, was a fan of Mendes, RM answered, "He is too handsome. He looks too good." "We always wanted to collaborate with him."

This exciting possibility comes just ahead of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards tonight (May 20), at which both BTS and Mendes are scheduled to perform.

Fellow BTS members Jimin and V also voiced their fanship of the "Lost in Japan" artist. Jimin called Mendes "very nice," while V sang a few lyrics to "In My Blood."

The Canadian chart-topper has also been an outspoken follower of the Korean pop stars ever since their unforgettable debut performance at last year's American Music Awards, which he admits he's watched hundreds of times.

Just earlier this week, BTS fanboyed their love for one of Mendes' newest rock-heavy jams on Twitter; the 19-year-old vocalist returned his gratitude with some emoji heart love.

If you ask us, this is the bromance pop music has been missing.

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