Whatever you want, whatever you need...her creative fans will do it if she doesn't.

Britney Spears' shamelessly silly and instantly infectious ode to NSA fun, "Do You Wanna Come Over?", remains a Glory highlight. (You know, as with the rest of Glory, which is now available for purchase on iTunes.)

And one particularly gifted Peruvian designer-slash-Britney stan, LuigiLuciano — whose work you might already know from his "Tom's Diner" unofficial video and his official lyric video for Frankie's "New Obsession" — decided to bring all your (and my) Grindr Fantasy dreams to life with a rather horny, neon-coated interpretation of our rice-loving Queen's rowdy romp.

From unrequited lusty text exchanges with her Honey to a catfish moment on B: In The Zone (Larry, put it into action and give the Britney fans the sex app they deserve) to putting on a private show for a pervy neighbor, Brit's just trying to get someone to breathe on her for the evening. Aren't we all?

Seriously, it's smutty, clever and entertaining the whole way through — for an unofficial lyric video, no less. The official animated video for "Break The Ice" wishes it were this hot. And so does "Make Me," for that matter...

Come over and watch up top. Uh huh...

Britney Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece of Me Revamp: