Brendon Urie proved long before he strapped on a pair of thigh-high, red-sequined boots that he could kick ass at a live show — whether with Panic! at the Disco or without, he's got some real pipes.

Over the years, the new Kinky Boots frontman has consistently wowed fans with a unique, theatrical tone and a fearless knack for blasting through looming octaves. Since Panic!'s 2004 debut, Urie's shined on tracks like "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and, more recently, "Victorious." And let's not forget those Aerosmith covers that could give Steven Tyler a run for his money...

Above, there's nearly a decade's worth of glinting, high-flying vocal acrobatics that will likely leave you speechless, from "Girls/Girls/Boys" to a Billy Joel tribute. Check out some of Brendon Urie's best live vocals, let us know what's your favorite and if there's a glaring omission, be sure to share it in the comments.

PopCrush Makes Delicious Treats With Brendon Urie:

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