Despite all the recent AMC drama with yet another show-runner departing both the network and 'The Walking Dead,' and 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter calling out the executives, we're at least grateful that 'Breaking Bad' will end things on its own terms come summer 2013. There are a number of questions to be addressed in the final eight episodes, but how would you like a first look from series star Dean Norris? Just how deep was Hank Schrader's big toilet revelation?

If there's one thing we know about the second half of 'Breaking Bad's final season, set to premiere in summer 2013, it's that the end of Walter White's journey will likely be a messy one. And speaking of messy, what will Hank Schrader do with his big toilet revelation that his brother-in-law was in fact the mysterious W.W. scribbled by known meth-maker Gale Boetticher? That should make for an awkward exit to a family dinner.

Having recently joined Twitter, series star Dean Norris (Hank) has tweeted out a few humorous photos from the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' proving that the latter eight episodes will pick up right where they left off with Hank stewing in his newfound awareness. You'll also see the adorable creepiness of young baby Holly playing with her own plastic stand-in.

Take a look at the photos from 'Breaking Bad's final run of episodes below, beginning with episode 9 "The Decision," and give us your predictions in the comments!