A deadly fire broke out at nightclub in Southern Brazil early Sunday (Jan. 27), killing 232 people.

Sources, like the L.A. Times, indicate that a flare, which was part of an onstage pyro display, set the roof of the now-decimated club Kiss, located in Santa Maria near the Uruguay and Argentina borders, on fire. Other sources, like CNN, said that the club was over capacity by double, with 2,000 people inside the venue meant to accommodate 1,000.

Sadly, 232 victims perished due to asphyxiation and smoke inhalation, according the authorities.

"There are so many bodies that we couldn't get all the way to the back of the nightclub," Lieutenant Moisés da Silva Fuchs said. How heartbreaking!

Most of the victims of the blaze were students attending local universities, which makes already sad news even sadder.

There is some contradiction about the fact that the main door was locked when the fire started, something that the club's resident DJ, named DJ Bolinha, denied. He said, "Everyone was pushing one another. I breathed in some of that smoke and I felt woozy. I collapsed at the door and the security guards pulled me out."

"I'd like to tell the population of our country, and of Santa Maria, that we are all together in this moment," President Dilma Roussef, who canceled plans to travel to Chile in favor of traveling to Santa Maria to address the tragedy, said.

The pop music world is obviously affected by this sad situation, since they perform at packed venues. While a nightclub is a little different, it's the same scenario on a general scale.

Lady Gaga, one of the biggest-hearted pops stars we know, tweeted her love and prayers to the victims and their families.