Brandon Flowers is giving us all of the '80s throwback vibes in his music video for his latest single, "Lonely Town."

The Killers frontman's new video has a decidedly retro feel. It features The Vampire Diaries actress Penelope Mitchell as a young pajama-clad woman home alone and jamming out to the sweet sounds of her cassette player. But there is a slightly creepy aspect to the music video, too — namely that someone appears to be watching her from outside.

The video is entirely fitting for the song itself, which sounds like it could be from a different decade. While it doesn't rock the same upbeat, synth-pop vibes of Taylor Swift's 1989, it features plenty of horns, electronics and those iconic '80s drum beats (you know the ones). Like, it would be right at home on The Breakfast Club soundtrack and that would be 100 percent okay with us. And it looks like that retro sound is definitely what Brandon Flowers aims for on his newest release, The Desired Effect, considering that the rocker's previous single, "Still Want You," also evokes an old-school sound.

The Desired Effect drops May 18, and we can't wait. Just keep on delivering, Brandon Flowers. We're ready.

Check out Brandon Flowers' "Lonely Town" music video above.

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