Our video video series 'Braking Bad' features some of West Texas worst drivers, but we also have our share of bad parkers. Here are some of this week's best of the worst.



Our first picture is from Michelle who describes this as:

'...showing the person that parked on a person's private property and the sidewalk at Henderson Elementary.'



Photo by Spencer

This one was taken yesterday at Parks Lagado. It's pretty obvious that this person has parked in the handicapped access ramp. Not only is this lazy and inconsiderate, it's illegal.


Finally, don't park like this!

Photo by Spencer

Actually this is a picture of a rollover the occurred on 191 around lunchtime. The driver was shaken up but ok, reported that a tire had blown causing him to lose control of the truck and trailer.

If you have pictures of bad parking or videos of bad driving, you can post them to our Braking Bad Facebook page or email us a link!