"Do you think people focus too much on your looks and don't even realize that you're just a sh---y actor?"

For the majority of his appearance on Zach Galifianakis' painful, funny, and painfully funny 'Between Two Ferns,' Brad Pitt seems to be losing out to his wily host in a big way. At one point, he appears to be trying to hide behind an actual fern. Later, Louis C.K. comes out and stares dismissively at the superstar. Galifianakis calls Pitt's latest film 'Furry.' The 'Friends' theme song plays. It's pretty standard 'Ferns' stuff, but Pitt takes it like a champ.

Until he doesn't, finally exacting his revenge on Galifianakis in a visceral, weird, and totally gross way during the final seconds of another banger of a 'Between Two Ferns' episode. Everyone involved with this program is an American hero and should be honored as such.

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