Today brings a new trailer for the sporting drama Borg/McEnroe, and while I am disappointed to learn that the film is, in fact, not about the race of hostile cybernetic aliens from Star Trek, it still looks pretty great. This international spot expands upon the footage revealed by the first trailer, and represents the most revealing look at the long-percolating feud between the two giants of tennis to date. The film will open the Toronto International Film Festival in less than two weeks’ time, but for now, this will have to suffice.

During the late ’70s and early ’80s, hotshot players Bjorn Borg (portrayed in the film by Sweden’s own Sverrir Gudnason) and John McEnroe (living headline Shia LaBeouf) captivated the athletic world with their bitter, evenly matched rivalry. What crowds found fascinating was not just two virtuosic players working at the height of their physical abilities, but the radical difference in style between the two; McEnroe was a hothead liable to scream his head off about blown calls and break his rackets in temper tantrums, while Borg played his emotions close to the vest and never let the crowd see him rattled. The fire-and-ice contrast made for a great narrative, one that director Janus Metz clearly angled to reproduce with his new film.

The latest spot plays up the animosity between and within the two men, as they play not just against one another, but against themselves. Tennis is an intense, extremely personal game; just two players and a court. We learned from Seven Days in Hell just how hardcore the Borg/McEnroe rivalry could’ve gotten — sticking to the facts, it still looks pretty intense.

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