This bodybuilder was little too pumped up.

Giannis Magos was so furious he lost at the International Federation of Bodybuilders Diamond Cup in Greece last weekend that he slapped judge Armando Marquez in the face.

Yeah, sore muscles met a sore sport.

As if that's not bad enough, Yahoo Australia reports that Magos also knocked over the judges' tables and exposed his penis. There is (thankfully) no video of that. You can see a longer clip of Magos losing his cool below.

It's unclear what, if any, punishment Magos faces, but you'd have to think that the International Federation of Bodybuilders -- which ran the competition -- will discipline him in some capacity.

Magos' actions is another chapter in the book of unsportsmanlike behavior among athletes. While not a mainstream sport in the U.S., his antics are right up there with some of these other classics.

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