On our Twitter account and on our YouTube channel, we heard from a lot of you with potential plot holes and unanswered questions about the finale — and the entire season of — The Book of Boba FettSome of these might be legitimate gripes. And others might be logically consistent with enough nerdy knowledge (or a love of coming up with explanations for the seemingly unexplainable.)

That’s where our latest Star Wars video comes in. We took all your questions and possible plot holes and explained them all — or did our best to explain them all. We broke down just how powerful those mega-battle droids are, how impervious to pain Wookies and rancors are, whether Mandalorian armor makes Boba Fett and Din Djarin invincible, how Boba Fett reloads his backpack mid-battle, and why Mando didn’t bother picking up the Darksaber after he dropped it during the final battle. See all the plot holes, unanswered questions and explanations below:

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