You know we’re big fans of Chloë Grace Moretz, so naturally we were already willing to watch ‘Carrie,’ the upcoming horror remake in which she stars, no matter how bad the movie looked. Luckily, the new trailer for the psychological horror flick is hitting all the right bloodcurdling notes. 

Judging from the trailer, it looks like ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ director Kimberly Pierce’s new ‘Carrie’ isn’t straying too far from the 1976 original (based on Stephen King’s novel), despite a few modern twists and some slick special effects. Carrie’s mom, played here by Julianne Moore, is still crazy, the cool kids still pick on weird little Carrie, and, yeah, it’s all gonna end in a gooey bath of pig’s blood followed by a violent and deadly storm of freak flag flying. We’re in! How ‘bout you?