We don't know what Keanu Reeves did to go from semi-bloated hot mess to hot stuff overnight, but we really really want his secret.

Or actually, maybe we know already.

'The Matrix' star was photographed (above) at Cannes to promote his directorial debut, 'The Man of Tai Chi,' on Sunday (May 19).Stepping off of a yacht, Reeves looked a bit scruffy, with his face unshaven and a whole lotta bloat for one boat.

The next day, though, he managed to look like this:

Mike Marsland, WireImage

While some media outlets marveled at Reeves' quick-change artistry, we're going to chalk this up to an unfortunate angle and a lack of a razor. And the fact that he's 48 years old. 48 years old!. And he looks like this.

You can't tell us some of you haven't done a lot worse.