Billie Eilish is plotting world domination in music—and now, memes!

"Bad Guy" is the fifth single off her No. 1 album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, released back in March. Even though it's been a little over two months since the official single release, the internet has picked up a moment from her music video and song when she sings the chorus: “I'm that bad type / Make your mama sad type / Make your girlfriend mad tight / Might seduce your dad type / I’m the bad guy, duh.”

The memes have been used not only by Eilish's fanbase, but also other fandoms ranging from television, movies and social media stars. (They're also applicable to general relatable life moments.)

The amount of momentum the memes have produced even caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy performed a parody music video to the meme-able moment, revealing to DeGeneres that she and her kids are huge fans of Eilish's and are going to an upcoming concert. After the parody video, McCarthy got scared by Eilish herself on DeGeneres' show.

Here are all of the best memes that have started a movement on Twitter.



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