San Dimas, California is known around the world as the home of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. But it is also a real city in California; Bill and Ted’s high school, San Dimas High School, is a real school. And with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves readopting the roles of Bill and Ted for the upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music, the two stars made a special video for the graduating class of their fictional alma mater.

Attendees of the San Dimas High School Virtual Graduation Ceremony of 2020 were greeted with a message from Winter and Reeves. Winter said they wanted to wish the graduates “the best of luck moving forward” and Reeves added his congratulations. And they concluded by echoing the sentiment on Reeves’ shirt to “be excellent to each other ... and party on.”

You can watch Reeves and Winter’s video below:

It’s got to suck to have your graduation from high school virtually — then again my in-person graduation was hot as hell and did not feature guest appearances by two excellent movie stars. So I would say this is a pretty solid tradeoff. Bill & Ted Face the Music is scheduled to open in theaters (fingers crossed) on  August 21, 2020.

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