With the annual spring break of schools coming up in the area, one of our closest national parks is expecting large crowds during the break.

According to NewsWest 9, Big Bend National Park is expecting a large growth in visitation in the month of March.

Park officials said many desert lovers will be attracted to the area since fall and winter rains have resulted in an abundance of spring flowers.

“If the Presidents’ Day holiday weekend is any indication, our expectations are for an extremely busy spring break this year, which is anticipated to extend through the month of March,” said Chief of Interpretation Tom VandenBerg.

March 7 through March 24 is the time the park is expecting the most visitors because that is when most Texas and New Mexico schools and universities will be closed for spring break.

“March is a fantastic time to visit, but also the busiest month of the year in the park, and many visitors are both surprised and disappointed when campsites are not available,” said VandenBerg. “We wish to encourage people to also visit during other times of the year to maximize enjoyment of Big Bend, and the remote sense of peacefulness that it is known for."

For more information you can check out the Big Bend National Park website.

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