Officials with Big Bend National Park say the building of a border wall could be damaging to the ecosystem of the landmark.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Big Bend National Park was signed into existence on June 6, 1944 by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt which began the preservation of the natural habitat of many animals and plant species that were almost eradicated by early settlers to the area prior to the 1940's.

Species like the Mexican Black Bear were thought to be one of the casualties of those early settlers, but park rangers in the 1980's discovered a Mexican Black Bear and its cubs migrating to the US side of the border.

By 1999, there were over 300 sightings of the bears on the American side because they could freely roam over the border.

With the proposed border wall that could hurt the free-range habits of the bear and other animals native to the area.



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