Danielle Bregoli — a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie — caught Iggy Azalea inside last night.

TMZ reports the 15-year-old internet-sensation-turned-rapper went after the Australian artist during a party at Boulevard3 Club in Hollywood Wednesday night (Nov. 14). From the footage TMZ posted, it appears Bhabie saw Azalea mere feet away at the same club and almost immediately threw her drink, hitting Azalea's hair and a few bystanders between them.

Bhabie's security held her back from approaching Azalea any further, but that didn't stop her from continuing to go off verbally. "Now what, b-tch?!" she can be heard yelling repeatedly.

While this is the first time the pair's beef has manifested physically, it likely stems from their online spat earlier this week when they traded insults on Instagram.

Iggy responded via her Instagram Story last night joking "Am I just going to have a half and half wig for the rest of the night?" referring to her half-drenched hair. "What kind of Jerry Springer... what kind of 'whose baby is this?' Dr. Phil-ass sh-t? Oh my god! I am a grown up. I... can not," Azalea says making light of the attack.

Iggy continued posting on her story throughout the night as she partied with friends, and spoke on the situation more on her drive home. "I get that this little girl has made a name for herself acting a damn fool on television and online, but I'm a grown up! I'm not about to waste my energy on that sh-t, or be fighting a kid in a club," Azalea said on her story.

Iggy addressed Bhad Bhabie directly on her Story saying, "I have to laugh. I don't know. I think people just want clout really bad. Mama, good luck with your career. You're young – you're gonna look back on this and you're gonna really feel dumb."

Meanwhile, Bhad Bhabie responded on her Instagram Story with text replies. "Glad u left wit a bag cuz u certainly ain't making no money from music anymore," the rapper teased Azalea. "It's simple. Don't talk all sorts of sh-t on the internet n come up to me like u my friend. Some of these hoes like u fake n 2 faced as f-ck but I'm NOT that b-ch," she wrote in her last Story post.

More to come as the story develops.

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