Betenbough Homes states it will provide identity protection and insurance to all who might have had their personal information compromised.

According to NewsWest 9, Betenbough Homes reports that the Russian cyber attack happened on May 3, 2021.

"On May 3, Betenbough companies became victims of ransomware attack," said Betenbough Homes President Cal Zant. "A criminal hacker gang has targeted and victimized our company resulting in a system breach."

The company states it knew about the attack immediately but did not know about the compromised personal information until May 15, 2021.

"Our team knew the exact moment our systems were compromised, and we have been vigilant in how we have approached the remediation of this ransomware attack to protect each of our customers who have placed their trust in Betenbough companies and to try to prevent similar attacks in the future," said Zant.

Betenbough Homes says that the cyber attack was similar to the Colonial Pipeline hack a few weeks ago.

"We have consulted with cybersecurity experts who are monitoring this attack closely as well as legal professionals who are advising us on how to best care for potentially affected individuals," said Zant.

Betenbough says that identity protection and insurance will be provided by the company to anyone who had their identity compromised.

"Betenbough companies is committed to protecting at risk individuals by providing identity theft monitoring and restoration services through LifeLock at no cost of the individuals for up to one year," said Zant.

Betenbough Homes also stated that the malware was removed and the entry point was closed in a press release they released.

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