Ben Affleck has been banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, according to TMZ, after being accused of counting cards at a blackjack table. 

The Academy Award-winning actor was reportedly vacationing in Las Vegas with wife Jennifer Garner earlier this week before he leaves to go shoot the untitled 'Batman vs. Superman' movie in Detroit later this month. Affleck will be stepping into the iconic cape and cowl as Batman in the film.

The site reports that Affleck was playing blackjack at a high rollers table at the Hard Rock Casino when security approached him. Surveillance video reportedly caught Affleck counting cards and was deemed an "advantaged player" and was no longer allowed to play blackjack at the casino.

Counting cards in blackjack is the process of mentally keeping track of the number of high/low cards a player sees and adjusting their betting strategy accordingly to win more money when the player sees an advantage. The act itself is not illegal but people caught doing it are usually booted out of casinos.

Affleck himself is no stranger to card games. He's played in the World Series of Poker with Matt Damon and once won $80,000 playing blackjack in 2001.