Bella Thorne: From Child Star to Provocative It Girl

Bella Thorne made a name for herself playing CeCe Jones on The Disney Channel's Shake It Up in 2010, but the 19-year-old actress, dancer and singer has been in the business since she was just a little girl.

And while she was initially known for being a bubbly child actress in her younger days, Bella has grown into one provocative young woman.

Not only is she not afraid to say what she feels, but she's also (over)shared seemingly every moment of her life with the world via social media — and she's not going to stop sharing anytime soon. Along with living out her relationships in the spotlight, like those recent photos of her straddling Tyler Posey, she also recently came out as bisexual, and has fully embraced the idea of living out loud and proud.

From her early days as a kid star to her latest daring moments in the public eye, we chronicled Bella's big moments. Scroll through the gallery above.

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