One Midland business is having to close their doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to NewsWest 9, Beer Garden has been a local favorite in Midland for years but because of the pandemic, now they have found themselves struggling with the loss of profit from the past two months.

They shut their doors on Saturday night and say they won't be reopening again.

"We've had some good years, and some bad years but overall we've had some success," said Jorge Hernandez Jr., the owner and founder of 'Beer Garden'.

"Originally I was supposed to build a wedding venue and I couldn't get anyone to build the building that I needed under budget so I ended up taking my seed money and building a beer garden with my dad," said Hernandez. "Its been part of my identity the last five years that's part of it I have some really great staff that became family and letting them go is tough."

It's just another casualty of a health crisis that is being played out all over the country.

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