Bed, Bath & Beyond announced that it will be closing 37 stores by the end of February 2022, but is Midland on the list?

To focus more on digital sales, the company says it will close 37 of its brick and mortar stores to be able to put more money towards digital commerce.

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Here are the stores slated to close in Texas:

  • Brownsville - Sunrise Palms Shopping Center
  • San Angelo - 4169 Sunset Drive

So Midland is not on the list to close down by the end of February mostly because the store is making good profits since it covers the Midland/Odessa area and has shoppers from Big Spring, Andrews, and now people from San Angelo will probably make the hour and a half trip to be able to shop in the store even though the company is turning its focus on digital sales.

The company is not the only one stating it will be closing many of its lower profit stores, Macy's also announced it will be closing some stores to streamline their operations.

With digital sales becoming more of the money spent at stores that used to have sales primarily in physical brick and mortar stores, those that have not embraced the digital landscape are finding themselves on the list of brands that have gone away.

I do most of my shopping online but I do like shopping online at my favorite brands that I have been shopping at since I was a young adult. I am sad that brands like Sears have gone away because they would not embrace the digital wave and with COVID-19 making us stay home in 2020, digital shopping became the best alternative to stay away from huge crowds.

Looks like Bed, Bath & Beyond will be one of those brands that will survive by welcoming online sales with open arms.


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