Bea Miller vs. The Chainsmokers: the next celebrity feud?

On Sunday night (Feb. 12), amid the chaos of the 2017 Grammy Awards, Not an Apology singer Bea Miller unleashed a series of tweets — with a screenshot receipt included — alleging that the newly Grammy Award-winning duo blocked her on Twitter "for saying they just wanted to make music to get with models."

She continued to tweet, presumably still talking about The Chainsmokers: "ignorant straight white men are so f--king funny. don't say dumb s--t about women and then be petty when someone calls you out (as they should)."

She also "liked" a tweet from a fan that said "chainsmokers? idk them."

It wasn't the first time she brought up the "Paris" dance duo, either: back in October of 2016, Bea tweeted a link out to a Vulture article called "The Chainsmokers Compare Penis Sizes and Other Cringe-y Quotes From Today’s Best Hate-Read."

"just read this," she wrote at the time.

On their end, The Chainsmokers didn't tweet anything in response to the "Yes Girl" singer — or acknowledge her tweets whatsoever. (Yet, anyway.) Instead, they thanked fans for their Grammys win.

"Need a good nights rest to process this whole day and really can't wait to get back to this album and prepare for our upcoming tour," they wrote.

Check out Bea's tweets below.

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