Watching the new Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer, it's easy to imagine the game getting retitled Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City without anyone blinking an eye. Unlike the claustrophobic Batman: Arkham Asylum and the open but constructed Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady's latest Dark Knight adventure makes Bruce Wayne's entire hometown your personal sandbox, letting you glide overhead, drive through its streets, and knock down whatever gets in your way with a well-timed missile.

The demo (via ArcadeSushi), which premiered at this year's E3 Conference, feels specifically constructed to show off everything you can do in the final game. After a brief opening that gives you an idea of just how complicated Batman's armor really is, the gameplay gets started with Batman leaping off a skyscraper and flying over Gotham City. From there, he speeds through the streets in the Batmobile, handling hairpin turns like a pro, before he battles a fleet of unmanned drone tanks.

Now this is a take on the character we can get behind!

As expected from a game specifically made for next-generation consoles, Batman: Arkham Knight looks spectacular. Even more importantly, the game's open world map is detailed and ready to be explored, and the new gameplay elements prove developer Rocksteady isn't resting on their laurels.

Although no release date has been set yet, Batman: Arkham Knight will arrive sometime in 2015. Hopefully sooner rather than later.